Innocence OC

Triumph Over Tragedy

Revitalizing the digital presence for Innocence OC, a beacon of hope for the wrongfully convicted in Orange County.

Since its inception, Innocence OC has been tirelessly working to exonerate the innocent and reform the criminal justice system in Orange County. Yet, their online presence needed a touch of modernity and clarity. They needed someone to launch the site within 7 days, from start to finish. Enter HEROBrand.

Elevated Brand Identity:
The initial color palette and font choices didn’t truly capture the spirit of Innocence OC. We breathed new life into their brand, ensuring it resonated with their mission.

Homepage & Copy Overhaul:
We transformed the homepage into a narrative, detailing their pivotal role and emphasizing the significance of community involvement.

Streamlined Donations:
Moving away from GoFundMe, we integrated a seamless donation system, ensuring supporters remain engaged on the site.

Events Portal:
We crafted a dedicated events page, enabling supporters to effortlessly purchase tickets and stay updated on upcoming happenings.

Store Aesthetic Transformation:
The previous artwork in their store didn’t align with the dynamic evolution of the Innocence OC brand. We redid several pieces of artwork for T-shirts, stickers, etc to ensure the store’s visuals truly mirrored the brand’s momentum.